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Eroded Buttes Above Surrounding Desert
East and West Mittens Above Landscape
Dirt Road Below Buttes
Zion Mountains at Night
Red Canyon Hoodoos
Eroded Buttes Above Colorado River
Dirt Road Below Dead Horse Point
Dirt Road Along Colorado River
Colorado River Winding Through Canyons
Colorado River Below Canyons
La Sal Mountains Above Colorado River
Hoodoos Above River
Evening Light over Colorado River
Colorado River in Canyon Gorges
Canyon Labyrinths Stretching Out Toward Mountains
White Rim Trail Along Canyon Rims
Green River Below Sandstone Buttes
Canyons Around Green River
Mesa Arch over Vast Canyons
Winter Camp Wash
Winter Camp Wash
Clouds Above Windows Trail
Storm Clouds over Desert Canyon
North Window and Junipers
Valley of the Gods Road Panorama
Desert Buttes and Rocks
Valley of the Gods Thunderstorm
Thunderstorms Over Desert Butte
Thunderstorms Over Sandstone Mesas
Rain Shower over Valley of the Gods
Thunderstorms Surrounding Buttes
Mammatus Clouds Over Buttes
Storm Clouds over Hoodoos
Clearing Storm over Hoodoos
Hoodoos of the Claron Formation
Pine Trees in Navajo Loop Canyon
Snow Showers over Bryce Canyon
Fog Over Hoodoos
Book Cliffs and Arches Aerial
Canyonlands Aerial
Aerial View of the Needles District
Arch in the Needles District
Druid Arch Aerial
Chocolate Drops of the Maze District
Maze District Aerial
Green River Aerial
Canyonlands Beyond Moses and Zeus
Mineral Canyon Aerial
Night Sky Above Colorado River
Dead Horse Point Overlook