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Autumn Colors Reflected in Phelps Lake
Small Rocks Extending into Phelps Lake
Breaking Storm Around Phelps Lake
Wetlands Around Phelps Lake
Rocks in Phelps Lake
Sunlit Rocks in Phelps Lake on a Stormy Day
Phelps Lake Below Moraine
Storm Clearing Above Death Canyon
Snow Storm Engulfing Phelps Lake
Snow Storm on Phelps Lake
Lake Creek Trail in Autumn Meadow
Snowy Tetons Above Evergreens and Meadow
Snowy Tetons Above Forest
Autumn Cottonwoods and Snowy Tetons
Fresh Snow Around Death Canyon
Early Winter Storm Above Teton Mountains
Snow Melt Waterfalls in South Fork
Snow Melt Creek in the South Fork
Waterfalls in South Fork of Cascade Canyon
Snow Melt and Snow Bank in South Fork
Rocky Ridges in the South Fork of Cascade Canyon
Teton Peaks Above Schoolroom Glacier
Sunrise Above Hurricane Pass
Starry Night Sky Above Teton Peaks
Grand Teton and Middle Teton at Twilight
Hurricane Pass Below Teton Peaks
Earth's Shadow Behind Grand and Middle Tetons
Earth's Shadow Above Teton Mountains
Grand Teton and Middle Teton
Grand Teton Above Hiker
Hiker Below the Grand Teton
Table Mountain Above Hurricane Pass
Grand Teton Above the South Fork
Teton Peaks Above the South Fork
Teton Canyon Below Table Mountain
Sink or Swim Trail in Forest
Josie's Ridge and Snow King
Rain Showers Behind Grand Teton
Snow Melt Waterfall Below Teewinot
Waterfall on Cliffs in Cascade Canyon
Cascade Canyon Snow Melt Waterfall
Blue Miner Lake and the Red Hills of the Gros Ventres
Eastern View from the Sleeping Indian Summit
South from the Sleeping Indian Summit
Snow Bank Below Sleeping Indian Summit
Snow in Mountains Above Blue Miner Lake
Northern Gros Ventres Beyond Alpine Lake
Red Hills Behind Blue Miner Lake
Gros Ventre Drainage Below Sleeping Indian
Hiker Below Sleeping Indian Summit