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Grand Teton Above Fog Aerial
Jenny Lake Aerial
Mount Saint John Aerial
Moran Canyon and Jackson Lake Aerial
Teton Mountains and Jackson Lake Aerial
Emma Matilda Lake Aerial
Aerial View of Absaroka Mountains
Absaroka Mountains Aerial
Snowy Egret in Water
Calm Waters Reflecting Trees
Winter Forest and Pond
Bare Tree Arching over Pond
Calm Pond Reflections
Winter Pond Reflections
Pelton Pond Frozen Over
Ice on Pelton Pond
Evergreens Around Pelton Pond
Snow Lining Hiking Trail
Trail Through Winter Trees
Winter Hiking Path
Tracks in Snow
Ice Flowing from Trees
Bare Trees in Ice
Frozen Wetlands
Moose Browsing Below Sleeping Indian
Blacktail Butte Below Winter Storm
Jackson Homes Below Sleeping Indian
Cougar Tracks in Snow
Fog Clearing from the Grand Teton
Footbridge to Moulton Barn
Moulton Barn in Fog and Snow
Lifting Fog on Teton Peaks
Frosted Grasses at Sunset
Jackson in Winter Below Snow King
East Jackson Below Lifting Winter Fog
Frosted Trees Below Fog
Road Disappearing Into Fog
Hoar Frost on Cottonwood Tree
Sagebrush in Snow
Horses Below Sandstone Buttes
Snow and Junipers on Slickrock
Sunset Behind Frozen Juniper Tree
Junipers and Snow Along Geologic Uplift
Snowfall Around a Collapsed Arch
Winter Storm Clearing from La Sal Mountains
Snow Along Arches Road
Sandstone Colors Reflected on Snow
Small Canyon in Park Avenue
Park Avenue Trail in Snow
Frost and Ice on Juniper Tree