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Geologic Layers of Waterpocket Fold
Car Traveling Highway 23A
Historic House and Fall Leaves
Drying Ferns in Forest
Autumn Maple Leaves
Maple Tree Along Walkway
Autumn Maple Tree Abstract
Fall Maple Tree Abstract
Barn Door Abstract
Trees Above Battle Road Trail
Josiah Nelson House Site Ruins
Road Passing Through Forest
Downtown Piermont at Night
Road Passing Through Forest
Road Passing Through Forest
Trees Along Piermont Pier
Man Walking Dogs on Piermont Pier
Bench Along Piermont Pier
Silhouetted Tree Against Hudson River
Stormy Sunset Above Hudson River
Evening Storms over Hudson River
Cottonwood Tree in Wind
Double-Crested Cormorant on Pier Pilings
Cars on Piermont Pier
Piermont Pier Along Hudson River
Michigan Road Along Meadow
Trail Entering Dark Forest
Beech Mountain Road Trail in Summer
Wood Forget-Me-Not Wildflowers
Creek Passing Old Rock Wall
Hiker on School Mountain Road Trail
Old Metal Roof
Creek in Green Forest
Propery Ruins Below Forest
Arching Trees Above Beaver Dam
Trees Arching Above Beaver Pond
Fallen Trees Along Creek
Hiker at Old Driveway Ruins
Old Driveway Ruins
Creek Flowing Through Wetlands
Wetlands and Pond in Forest
Creek Pouring from Beaver Pond
Retaining Rock Wall Along Carriage Road
Road Disappearing Into Fog
Sagebrush in Snow
Snow Along Arches Road
Fog on Main Road
Highway 89 in Winter Storm
Downtown Jackson During Holiday Season
Autumn Aspen Leaves on Moose-Wilson Road