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Clouds Passing over Hayden Valley
Tree Leaning Into Snake River in Fog
Steam Along the Snake River
Moose and Calf Crossing River
Moose and Calf on River Bank
Bull Moose Along River Bank
Bull Moose in Cottonwoods
Incoming Stormy Weather over Snake River Overlook
Storm Clouds Reflected in Oxbow Bend
Stormy Reflection Below the Teton Mountains
Storm Clouds over Mount Moran
Storm Clouds Bowing over Oxbow Bend
White Pelican and Common Merganser
White Pelican Below Rainbow and Mount Leidy
White Pelican Swimming Below Mount Moran
White Pelican in Stormy Oxbow Bend
Storm Clouds Swirling over Oxbow Bend
Storm Clouds Passing over Snake River Overlook
Tetons Reflected in Still Water
Midway Geyser Basin Runoff
Excelsior Geyser Crater Runoff
Norris Pool Near Firehole River
Lower Falls Behind Canyon Ridges
Rhyolite Walls Breaking Up Forest
Yellowstone River Winding through Grand Canyon
Lower Falls Below Red Rock Point
Lower Falls from Red Rock Point
Yellowstone River Below Rhyolite Cliffs
Lower Falls Dropping into Canyon
Yellowstone River Rushing Through Rocks
Lone Bison Near Yellowstone River
Lower Falls Beyond Rhyolite Ridges
Upper Falls Below Rain Showers
Elk Swimming Across Yellowstone River
Elk Running Along Yellowstone River
Elk Along Yellowstone River
Beaver Gnawing on Willow Branch
Beaver Swimming in Buffalo Fork
Beaver Eating Willow Branch
Canada Geese Flying over Oxbow Bend
Willows Around Oxbow Bend
Fog Breaking Up Around Mount Moran
Oxbow Bend and Jackson Lake Below Tetons
Mount Leidy Above Oxbow Bend
Rain Showers Above Josie's Ridge
Josie's Ridge Trail Winding to the Summit
Snowy Cottonwoods Above River
Colorado River Below Sunlit Cliffs
Vermilion Cliffs Beyond Colorado River
Stormy Sunrise at Desert View