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Mount Moran Above Fall Sunrise
Mount Moran Above Fall Sunrise
Mount Moran Glowing Above Reflection
Autumn Aspen Trees Around Oxbow Bend
Fall Colors Along Oxbow Bend
Teton Peaks Above Oxbow Bend
Clouds Shifting Above Mount Moran
Mount Moran in Colorful Display
Morning Clouds Above Oxbow Bend
Oxbow Bend in Fall Colors
Dawn at Oxbow Bend in Autumn
Autumn Colors at Oxbow Bend
Willows Along Oxbow Bend
Calm Waters at Oxbow Bend
White Pelican Feeding in River
Heavy Storms Above Oxbow Bend
Clouds Passing Above Snake River
Moose and Calf in Gros Ventre River
Teton Mountain Reflected in Oxbow Bend
Still Reflection in Oxbow Bend
Kepler Cascades Pouring Through Forest
Evergreens Along Lewis Canyon
Oxbow Bend During Summer Season
Storms over Tetons and Snake River
Rain Shower over Snake River Sunrise
Stormy Sunrise over Tetons and Snake River
Storms Over Snake River
Clouds Over Point Sublime
Lone Bison in Hayden Valley
Clouds Above Tetons and Snake River Overlook
Sunlight on the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Cow Moose in Late Winter Landscape
Downy Woodpecker Flying in Grasses
Downy Woodpecker in Marsh Grasses
Grasses in the Piermont Marsh
Barnacles on Wood
Ice Veins on Rock
Icicles on House Exterior
Buttermilk Falls Frozen in Winter
Piermont Pier Remnants in Ice
Icy Waters Along Piermont Pier
Dobbs Ferry Across Icy Hudson River
Hudson River Frozen Along Marsh
Hudson River Winding Toward Palisades
Hudson River Winding Through Hills
Rocks Above Foliage
Tunnel and Icicles
Icicles Hanging in Tunnel
Hudson River Below Dunderberg Mountain
Cascading Falls over Rocky Hillside