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Slow Section of Clove Creek
Arching Trees Above Beaver Dam
Trees Arching Above Beaver Pond
Old Dam Structure
Rocky Ledge on Pelton Pond
Stormy Weather Above Canopus Lake
Pond in Forest
Small Puddle in Trail
Fallen Logs Around Pond
Calm Waters Reflecting Trees
Winter Forest and Pond
Bare Tree Arching over Pond
Calm Pond Reflections
Winter Pond Reflections
Abstract Cottonwood in Water
Canal Below Trail
Early Winter on the Snake River in Wilson
Snowy Tetons Reflection in River
Taggart Lake Icing Over
Snow and Ice on Taggart Lake
Snake River Below Snake River Mountains
Clouds and Sunset Reflected in Snake River
Tetons Reflected in Snake River
Early Winter Sunset Along Snake River
Phelps Lake and Autumn Colors
Fall Colors Below Death Canyon
Autumn Colors Surrounding Phelps Lake
Marina Under Twilight Sky
Grasses and Water Lilies in Beaver Dam Pond
Beaver Lodge in Beaver Dam Pond
Trees Reflected in Pond
Abstract Willow Tree Branches
Picnic Table at Pond
Mossy Bank of Small Pond
Trees Growing Along Pond
Large Willow Tree Near Pond
Willow Tree Above Pond
Mountain Reflection in South Fork Pond
Sunrise Reflected in Jenny Lake
Dawn over Jenny Lake and Jackson Hole
String Lake Reflecting Dawn Sky
Evening Reflected on String Lake
Forest Fire Smoke Sunset over String Lake
Elk and Calf on String Lake
Mount Moran Above String Lake
Willows Reflected in Cascade Creek
Wilson Canyon Trail Passing Pond
Pond in Wilson Canyon
Pond Reflecting Lush Forest