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Mount Moran Above Fall Sunrise
Mount Moran Above Fall Sunrise
Mount Moran Glowing Above Reflection
Autumn Aspen Trees Around Oxbow Bend
Fall Colors Along Oxbow Bend
Teton Peaks Above Oxbow Bend
Clouds Shifting Above Mount Moran
Mount Moran in Colorful Display
Morning Clouds Above Oxbow Bend
Oxbow Bend in Fall Colors
Dawn at Oxbow Bend in Autumn
Autumn Colors at Oxbow Bend
Jackson Lake and Teton Mountains
Willows Along Oxbow Bend
Calm Waters at Oxbow Bend
White Pelican Feeding in River
Silhouetted Trees Against Jenny Lake
Heavy Storms Above Oxbow Bend
Swirling Clouds Above Yellowstone Lake
Teton Mountain Reflected in Oxbow Bend
Still Reflection in Oxbow Bend
Ducks in Flat Creek
Oxbow Bend During Summer Season
Storms over Tetons and Snake River
Rain Shower over Snake River Sunrise
Stormy Sunrise over Tetons and Snake River
Moon Above Jenny Lake and Tetons
Jackson Lake Reflecting Northern Tetons
Waterfalls Canyon and Northern Tetons
Mount Moran Reflected in Jackson Lake
Jenny Lake Reflecting Foggy Weather
Harlequin Lake Trail in Young Trees
Logs and Driftwood on Harlequin Lake
Harlequin Lake Below Clouds
Calm Reflection on Hessian Lake
Winter Reflection on Hessian Lake
Grebes Below Teton Mountains
Mount Moran Above Lifting Fog
Mount Moran Above Fog and Lake
Lifting Fog Below Mount Moran
Fog Below Mount Moran
First Light on Mount Moran
Winter Sunrise at Oxbow Bend
Mount Moran Reflected in Icy Waters
Earth's Shadow Above Oxbow Bend
Winter Morning at Oxbow Bend
Icy Reflections in Oxbow Bend
Mount Moran Above Winter Oxbow Bend
Fall Colors Reflected in Pond
Autumn Leaves Reflection