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Calm Reflection on Hessian Lake
Winter Reflection on Hessian Lake
Grebes Below Teton Mountains
Mount Moran Above Lifting Fog
Mount Moran Above Fog and Lake
Lifting Fog Below Mount Moran
Fog Below Mount Moran
First Light on Mount Moran
Winter Sunrise at Oxbow Bend
Mount Moran Reflected in Icy Waters
Earth's Shadow Above Oxbow Bend
Winter Morning at Oxbow Bend
Icy Reflections in Oxbow Bend
Mount Moran Above Winter Oxbow Bend
Fall Colors Reflected in Pond
Autumn Leaves Reflection
Autumn Leaves in Pond
Great Blue Heron Below Grasses
Great Blue Heron Hiding
Great Blue Heron in Grasses
Autumn Colors in Pond
Fall Leaves Reflected in Pond
Broken Birches Along Clark Pond
Moon and Clouds Above Hudson River
Twilight Sky Above Hudson River
Wetlands Pond Along Long Path
Canada Geese at Pond
Great Blue Heron in Large Pond
Puddles in Wide Gravel Trail
Tappan Zee Bridges on Fourth of July
Fireworks over Tappan Zee Bridges
Sparkill Creek Below Tallman Mountain
Great Blue Heron in Sparkill Creek
Cross River in Summer Forest
Tree Reflection in Calm Water
Trees Hanging Above Mongaup Pond
Forest Trees Hanging Above Pond
Forests and Hills Along Mongaup Pond
Log in Mongaup Pond
Forest Abstract on Mongaup Pond
Shed on Mongaup Pond
Glowing Tent on Mongaup Pond
Still Reflection on Mongaup Pond
Tent at Campsite at Mongaup Pond
Forest Reflection in Mongaup Pond
Shed on Pond Shore
Summer at Mongaup Pond
Cloud Reflection in Mongaup Pond
Large Trees on Shores of Mongaup Pond
Silhouetted Trees Against Mongaup Pond