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Beaver Swimming Through Pond
Snow Melt Pond Below Teton Mountains
Single Trumpeter Swan in Pond
Blacktail Ponds at Sunrise
Moose and Calf in Beaver Ponds
Silhouetted Tree Against Cliff
Steps Against Cliff
Buttes and Walls Above Bright Angel
Vegetation Along Bright Angel Trail
Bright Angel Trail Against Canyon Walls
Bright Angel Trail Steps
Limestone Wall Above Bright Angel
Switchbacks Along Bright Angel Trail
Bright Angel Trail Switchbacks
Butte Above Bright Angel Trail
Trees Lining Side Canyon
Trees Above Grand Canyon
Ponderosa Pine Trees on Hill
Pine Trees Above Cactus
Grassy Field Along Zuni-Acoma Trail
Pine Trees Above Lava Rocks
Large Juniper and Pine Trees
Lava Rocks Below Forest
Cactus Along Zuni-Acoma Trail
Zuni-Acoma Trail Along Hillside
Pine Trees Growing on Lava
Tall Pine Above Lava Field
Ponderosa Pines Along Lava Hills
Moon Through Pine Trees
Mud Puddle Along Trail
Pond Below Hills
Trees Growing from Frozen Pond
Winter Pond Below Bare Trees
Fallen Tree in Icy Pond
Fall Colors Reflected in Pond
Canada Goose Below Fall Colors
Fall Leaves on Pond
Autumn Leaves Reflection
Autumn Leaves in Pond
Autumn Colors Around Creek
Creek in Fall Forest
Autumn Leaves Around Pool
Autumn Leaves on Pond Surface
Small Drainage Pond in Fall Leaves
Grasses Along Shore
Red Maple Tree
Great Blue Heron Below Grasses
Great Blue Heron Hiding
Great Blue Heron in Grasses
Clouds and Fall Leaves at Walden