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Downy Woodpecker Flying in Grasses
Downy Woodpecker in Marsh Grasses
Grasses in the Piermont Marsh
Barnacles on Wood
Ice Veins on Rock
Icicles on House Exterior
Piermont Pier Remnants in Ice
Icy Waters Along Piermont Pier
Dobbs Ferry Across Icy Hudson River
Hudson River Frozen Along Marsh
Remnants of Older Pier
Tappan Zee Bridge and Storm Clouds
Storms over Tappan Zee Bridge
Piermont Marsh and Tappan Zee
Earth's Shadow Above Piermont Marsh
Benches Above Piermont
Great Blue Heron Flying Along Rocks
Tappan Zee and City Lights
Moon and Clouds Above Hudson River
Twilight Sky Above Hudson River
Lights of Nyack and Piermont
Evening Over the Hudson River
Wind Blowing Along Hudson River
Piermont Marsh Below Tallman Mountain
Stormy Skies Above Tappan Zee
Piermont Marsh Below Palisades
Great Blue Heron Against Marsh
Cormorant Rookery on Pier Logs
Small Rookery of Cormorants
Cormorant Flying Past Rookery
Rookery of Cormorants on Logs
Cormorant on Log
Downtown Piermont at Night
Great Blue Heron in Hudson River
Last Light on Clouds Above Tappan Zee
Evening Storms over the Hudson River
Storm Clouds Above Pier Remains
Evening Storms over Tree
Trees Lining Edge of Piermont Pier
Stormy Weather over Hudson River
Storm Clouds over Tappan Zee
Great Blue Heron and Tappan Zee Bridge
Low-Tide Along Piermont Marsh
Tree Framing Hudson River
Vines on Trees and Vegetation
Piermont Marsh Vegetation Abstract
Trees Along Piermont Pier
Man Walking Dogs on Piermont Pier
Stormy Weather over Hudson River
Bench Along Piermont Pier