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Teton Mountains Above Jackson Hole
Storms Over Snake River
Waterfalls Canyon and Northern Tetons
Geologic Layers of Waterpocket Fold
Highway 24 Below Waterpocket Fold
Sandstone Spires Above Landscape
Evening Light on Pectol's Pyramid
Pectol's Pyramid and Waterpocket Fold
Calf Creek Below Stormy Weather
Highway 12 and Canyons of the Escalante
Highway 12 Overlook
Eroded Sandstone Mountains
Canyons Along Sleeping Rainbows
Rain Showers over Painted Desert
Jasper Forest Overlook
Badlands Below Blue Sky
Lava Trench Below El Calderon
Collapsed Lava Tube
Family on the Scenic Overlook Trail
Flint Hills During the Winter Season
Bison Herd in Tallgrass Hills
Teton Mountains Above Snake River
Storms over Tappan Zee Bridge
Mallard Duck Trio
Tappan Zee and City Lights
Waterfall and Ruins
Storm Clouds Above Forest
Foundry Brook Cascading Waterfall
Dead Juniper Below Fogbow
Foggy Landscape Below Sleeping Indian
Earth's Shadow Rising Behind a Full Moon
Moon Perched on Sleeping Indian's Nose
Teton Peaks Surrounding Phillips Pass
Sunrise over Phillips Pass
Eclipse Phases from Full to Totality
Teton Canyon Below Table Mountain
Snow Bank Below Sleeping Indian Summit
Stormy Sunset over Highway 22
Cabin and Teton Mountains
Teton Mountains Sunset
Osprey in Cottonwood Tree
Lone Elk in Field
Migrating Elk Herd
Clearing Storm over Sandstone Formations
Wolves Sharing Tender Moment
Teton Mountains at Dawn
Winter Storm over Jackson Peak
Jackson Hole Winter Sunset
Elk Trio on Ridgeline
Blacktail Butte Under Snow