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First Light on Mount Moran
Winter Sunrise at Oxbow Bend
Mount Moran Reflected in Icy Waters
Earth's Shadow Above Oxbow Bend
Winter Morning at Oxbow Bend
Icy Reflections in Oxbow Bend
Mount Moran Above Winter Oxbow Bend
Mount Moran Above Icy Oxbow Bend
Pelican at Oxbow Bend
Juvenile Bald Eagle and Ravens
Bald Eagle Flying Over Oxbow Bend
Bald Eagle Flying from Pool
Aspen Trees Above Oxbow Bend
Summer Morning at Oxbow Bend
Reflection of Mount Moran and Tetons
Mount Moran Above Aspen Trees
Mount Moran and Teton Reflections
Still Waters at Oxbow Bend
Sunrise Reflection in Oxbow Bend
Clouds Reflected in Oxbow Bend
Cloudy Sunrise on Oxbow Bend
Grizzly Bear at Oxbow Bend
Grizzly Bear in Muddy Water
Grizzly Bear Stepping into Water
Grizzly Bear Reflected in Water
Beaver on Ice
Mount Moran Above Icy Waters
Mount Moran Above Shaded Waters
Icy Mount Moran Reflection
Grizzly Bear 610 on Icy Shore
Grizzly Bear 610 Standing
Grizzly Bears on Frozen Oxbow Bend
Grizzly Bears on Ice at Oxbow Bend
Grizzly Bears Playing on Snow
Grizzly Bears Along Oxbow Bend
Grizzly Bears Along Icy Waters
Grizzly Cub and Canada Geese
Grizzly Bears on Ice
Grizzly Bears Below Mount Moran
Grizzly Bears and Mount Moran
Grizzly Bears Playing on Oxbow Bend
Grizzly Cub Below Mount Moran
Grizzly Bear on Ice
Grizzly Bear on Icy Oxbow Bend
Grizzly 610 and Two Cubs
Grizzly Bear Playing with Birds
Mount Moran Above Playing Grizzly Bears
Grizzly Bears on Icy Water
Grizzly Family on Frozen Oxbow Bend
Grizzly Bear 610 Fishing