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Moose on Bike Path
Sunset Clouds Over the Teton Mountains
Wind on Teton Mountains
Wind-Swept Teton Mountains
Pronghorn Running through Field
Zion Mountains at Night
Teton Mountains and Jackson Lake
Imperial Geyser Eruption
Fairy Falls
Gibbon River Below Moon
Gibbon River Under Moonlight
West Thumb Geyser Basin
Marmot Eating Huckleberries
Night Sky over Curtis Canyon
Red Canyon Hoodoos
Camping at Dead Horse Point
Colorado River Below Canyons
Hoodoos Above River
Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah
Winter Camp Wash
Storm Clouds over Desert Canyon
North Window and Junipers
Valley of the Gods Road Panorama
Desert Buttes and Rocks
Valley of the Gods Thunderstorm
Thunderstorms Over Desert Butte
Thunderstorms Over Sandstone Mesas
Rain Shower over Valley of the Gods
Mammatus Clouds Over Buttes
Storms over Buttes
Agathla Peak
Agathla Peak and Storms
Storms Behind Agathla Peak
Chaistla Butte
Havasu Falls
People Beneath Mooney Falls
Waterfalls Along Havasu Creek
Waterfalls Along Havasu Creek
Mooney Falls
Mooney Falls
Grizzly Bear 399 and Three Cubs
Bear 399 and Three Cubs
Grizzly Bear and Cubs on Snow
Bear 399 and Cubs Crossing Frozen Creek
Grizzly Bear 399 on Ice
Grizzly Bear 399 and Cubs
Grizzly Bear 399 Along Snake River
Grizzly Bear and Cub