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Sipapu Bridge Arching Above Trees
Sipapu Bridge Above Creek
Eagle Mesa and Sitting Hen
Mogollon Rim Sunrise
Stormy Weather Above Oak Creek Canyon
Light Shining Through Eroded Slot
Sandstone Waves in Antelope Canyon
Bend in Antelope Canyon
Eroded Sliver in Slot Canyon
Log in Eroded Sandstone
Narrow Passage in Antelope Canyon
Log in Sandstone Slot
Waves in Sandstone
Antelope Canyon Walls
Lake Powell Sunrise
Lone Rock Under Night Sky
Oak Creek Below Storm Clouds
Barrel Cactus in Granite
Cholla Cactus Forest
Water in Siphon Draw
Siphon Draw Trail
Yucca Plant in Sand
Grasses in Sand Dunes
Yucca in White Sand
Shadowed Ridge on Sand Dune
Camelback Mountain
Teddy Bear Cholla
Apache Lake
Afternoon Sky Above Piestawa Peak
Weavers Needle
Prickly Pear Cactus Along Trail
Saguaro Cactus Along Peralta Trail
Old Saguaro Cactus
Phoenix Mountain Panorama
Barrel Cactus Above Desert Trails
Unnamed Peak in Phoenix Mountains
Mazatzal Peak from Barnhardt Trail
Barnhardt Trail in Mazatzals
Purple Prickly Pear Cactus
Piestawa Peak Summit and Cloudy Skies
Rocks in Desert Clearing
Sunset on Sandstone Butte
Anasazi Ruins at Wupatki
Citadel Pueblo Ruins
Lenox Crater Trail Under Snow
Painted Desert and Badlands Hills
Moon Above Ruins
Arid Desert Grasslands
Petrified Wood in Grasslands
Petrified Wood