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Small Tree Against Grown Redwoods
Redwood Tree Trunk Abstract
Dirt Road in Redwood Trees
Sweet Creek Trail on Boardwalk
Autumn Leaves Abstract
Sweet Creek Trail Entering Grove
Sweet Creek Trail Below Fall Colors
Sweet Creek Trail
Waterfall and Pool Along Sweet Creek
Sweet Creek Waterfall
Old Growth Abstract
Sweet Creek over Rocks and Boulders
Sweet Creek Cascading over Rock Slide
Sweet Creek and Fallen Leaves
Moss on Tree Branches
Autumn Leaves and Lush Moss
Small Sweet Creek Waterfall
Small Waterfall Along Sweet Creek
Old Growth Forest
Moss Covered Trees
Old Growth Along Sweet Creek Trail
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon
Abstract at Painted Hills
Painted Hills
Badlands Hills Abstract
Blue Basin Abstract Badlands
Patterns in Blue Basin
Blue Basin Abstract
Blue Badlands Panorama
Blue Basin Abstract
Blue-Green Volcanic Ash of Blue Basin
Badlands Abstract in Sagebrush Desert
Highway 26 Emerging from Gorge
Dirt Road in Idaho High Desert
Owyhee River in Rocky Gorge
North Fork of the Owyhee River
Dirt Road Crossing Owyhee River
Owyhee River Below Steep Cliffs
Fall Aspen Trees
Owyhee Mountains Landscape
Highway Heading Toward Owyhee Mountains
Dirt Road Ascending Into Mountains
Lava Beds at Sunrise
Lava Beds at Sunrise
Golden Light on Lava Beds
High Desert Mountains Beyond Lava Field
Silhouetted Lava Field Below Sunset
Evening Clouds over Lava Field
Volcanic Spires in Lava Field