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Sunlit Rocks in Phelps Lake on a Stormy Day
Phelps Lake Below Moraine
Storm Clearing Above Death Canyon
Snow Storm Engulfing Phelps Lake
Snow Storm on Phelps Lake
Lake Creek Trail in Autumn Meadow
Snowy Tetons Above Evergreens and Meadow
Rocky Section of Lake Creek Trail
Autumn Ground Brush on Lake Creek Trail
Snowy Tetons Above Forest
Autumn Cottonwoods and Snowy Tetons
Autumn Aspen Leaves on Moose-Wilson Road
Fresh Snow Around Death Canyon
Clearing Storm over Rural Jackson Hole
Autumn Colors in Rural Jackson Hole
Passing Clouds Above Ranchland
Storm Clouds over Rural Jackson
Early Winter Storm Above Teton Mountains
Marina Under Twilight Sky
Pier Extending from Bar Harbor
Fountain Along Bar Harbor Coast
Main Street in Bar Harbor
Cars Driving By Criterion Theater
Criterion Theater in Bar Harbor
Broken Oyster Shells and Rocks
Low Tide on Bar Island
Seaweed and Rock in Low Tide
Hiking Trail in Evergreens and Birch
Private Road on Bar Island
Twisted Tree Trunks
Bar Island Hiking Trail
People Walking to Bar Island
Foggy Weather Around the Bass Harbor Head Light
Bass Harbor Head Light in Fog
Front Door of Bass Harbor Head Light
Waves Crashing on Rocky Shore
Bass Harbor Head Light Lighthouse
Bass Harbor Head Light on Rocks
Fog Lifting from Jordan Pond
Abstract Colors and Forest Shapes
Moss on Tree Trunks
Footbridge Along Otter Cove Trail
Rocky Ground Along Otter Cove Trail
Wilting Willow Aster Wildflowers
Ferns Along the Otter Cove Trail
Large Trees Against the Sky
White Aster Wildflowers and Fog
Forest Trees and Wildflowers Along Otter Cove Trail
Otter Cove Trail in Forest