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Wide Trail in Winter Forest
Trail Winding Along Meadow
Trail Diving Into Forest
Dead Leaves on Trees
Bare Trees Above Trail
Trail in Winter Forest
Deciduous Winter Forest
Bare Winter Tree Trunks
Stream in Meadow
Spring Leaves on Branches
Vegetation Growing on Brick Wall
Brick Ruins
Crack in Brick Ruins
Foundry Brook Cascades
Highway 9D Above Waterfall
Highway 9D Bridge Above Waterfall
Foundry Brook Below Bridge
Small Cascading Waterfalls
Bridge Above Waterfall
Foundry Brook and Winter Waterfall
Waterfall in Winter Forest
Old Foundry Ruins
Ruins Along Foundry Brook
Highway 9D Through Winter Forest
Foundry Wall Ruins in Winter
Foundry Ruins in Winter
Pelton Pond Frozen Over
Ice on Pelton Pond
Evergreens Around Pelton Pond
Snow Lining Hiking Trail
Trail Through Winter Trees
Winter Forest Abstract
Plant Leafing Out for Spring
Winter Hiking Path
Tracks in Snow
Ice Flowing from Trees
Bare Trees in Ice
Frozen Wetlands
Moss Growing at the Base of a Tree
Winter Wetlands in Westchester County
Branches Extending Around Tree
Wetlands in Winter
Marshy Wetlands in Winter
Deciduous Tree Trunk Abstract
Winter Wetlands Abstract
Boardwalk in Winter Forest
Boardwalk in Wetlands
Moon Above Old Barn
Stanford House in Late Winter
Dried Wildflower Stem