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Trail Entering Dark Forest
Beech Mountain Road Trail in Summer
Wood Forget-Me-Not Wildflowers
Small Waterfall Along Creek
Hiker Admiring Clove Creek
Slow Section of Clove Creek
Ferns Extending into Forest
Ferns on Forest Floor
Ferns Along Fahnestock Trail
Fahnestock Stock Trail Descending Hill
Overlook from Fahnestock Trail
Hiker Ascending East Mountain Loop
Creek Passing Old Rock Wall
Hiker on School Mountain Road Trail
Old Metal Roof
Creek in Green Forest
Propery Ruins Below Forest
Arching Trees Above Beaver Dam
Trees Arching Above Beaver Pond
Fallen Trees Along Creek
Hiker at Old Driveway Ruins
Old Driveway Ruins
Creek Flowing Through Wetlands
Wetlands and Pond in Forest
Creek Pouring from Beaver Pond
Insects on Ground Elder Wildflowers
Blooming Blue Flag Iris
Blue Flag Iris Wildflowers
Old Dam Structure
Gaggle of Goslings at Pelton Pond
Ground Elder Wildflowers
Old Stone Structure
Rocky Ledge on Pelton Pond
Row of Large Oak Trees
Oak Tree Branches Touching Ground
Oak Trees Above Path
Oak Tree with Hanging Branches
Oak Trees and Moss Above Picnic Area
Oak Tree Above Light Fixture
Stormy Weather Above Canopus Lake
Canopus Creek Below Summer Forest
Small Pond Along Canopus Creek
Rocky Cliffs Along Hiking Trail
Appalachian Trail Bending Through Forest
Canopus Creek Along Appalachian Trail
Muddy Creek Crossing in Forest
Early Summer Forest Around Trail
Appalachian Trail Winding over Rocks
Forest Around Slow Moving Water