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Thoreau Cabin Site in Woods
Fall Leaves Above Orchard House
Tree Above Orchard House
Walkway to Orchard House
Concord Grammar School
Schoolhouse of the Orchard House
Autumn Leaves on Trees
Wayside House Under Blue Sky
Wayside House and Fall Colors
Historic House and Fall Leaves
Drying Ferns in Forest
Autumn Maple Leaves
Maple Tree Along Walkway
Autumn Maple Tree Abstract
Fall Maple Tree Abstract
Barn Door Abstract
Trees Above Battle Road Trail
Josiah Nelson House Site Ruins
Autumn Colors in Pond
Fall Leaves Over Walkway
Fall Leaves Reflected in Pond
House Along Rocky Coastline
Eastern Point Lighthouse Across Harbor
Benches on Peninsula
Beach on Western Harbor
Rocks on Sandy Beach
Prayer Honoring Fishermen
Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial Statue
Draw Bridge Along Highway 127
Walkway Along Coastline
Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Memorial
Boats Along Rocky Coastline
Mallard Duck Trio
Broken Birches Along Clark Pond
Autumn Leaves and Ferns
Rocky Hilltop and Overlook
Pines on Atlantic Ocean Overlook
Blusher Mushrooms on Forest Floor
Early Autumn Ground Leaves
Ferns on Hillsides
Hiking Trail in Ferns and Fall Leaves
Maple Trees Above Wetlands
Maple Trees Above Wetlands
Fall Maples Leaves
Cattails Along Pond
Great Blue Heron Flying Along Rocks
Fog in Forest on Palisades
Changing Fall Tree Above Creek
Autumn Leaves Around Small Creek
Fall Leaves and Fog Above Creek