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Storms Above Hook Mountain
Hiking Trail in Fall Leaves
Fall Colors on Forest Floor
Fall Maple Leaf on Log
Autumn Colors Around Creek
Creek in Fall Forest
Autumn Leaves Around Pool
Autumn Trees Arching Above Trail
Forest Beginning to Change
Autumn Leaves on Main Trail
Yellow Fall Leaves on Trail
Golden Leaves on Trail
Fall Leaves on Old Wall
Autumn Leaves on Walkway
Fall Leaves and Tree Trunks
Fall Color Abstract
Fall Color on Hiking Trail
Maple Leaves on Forest Floor
Autumn Maple Leaves on Ground
Red Fall Leaves Below Forest Canopy
Autumn Leaves Changing in Forest
Fall Leaves on Forest Floor
Early Fall Leaves Above Trail
Hiking Trail in Turning Forest
Autumn Colors Surrounding Trail
Autumn Leaves Around Small Creek
Yellow Autumn Leaves
Early Autumn Colors on Trees
Red Maple Leaves on Tree
Heart from Autumn Leaves
Red Fall Maple Leaves
Autumn Maples Leaves on Grass
Autumn Maple Leaf on Ground
Remnants of Older Pier
Tappan Zee Bridge and Storm Clouds
Storms over Tappan Zee Bridge
Autumn Leaves Around Trail
Trees on Cliffs
Autumn Leaves on Pond Surface
Bike Path Through Trees
Sun Through Trees
Small Drainage Pond in Fall Leaves
Piermont Marsh and Tappan Zee
Earth's Shadow Above Piermont Marsh
Kaaterskill Falls and Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors in Forest
Fall Colors in Forest
Upper Kaaterskill Falls
Autumn Leaves on Ground
Bridge Crossing Creek