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Grizzly Bear Looking Up
Pronghorn with Newborn Fawn
Black Bear Sow and Cub
Moose Cow and Twin Calves
Bison Calf and Mother
Black Bear Sow and Cubs
Black Bear and Cubs of the Year
Black Bear and Cubs at Rainy Lake
Black Bear and Cubs Reflected in Water
Black Bear and COYs at Lake
Grizzly Bear and Cub
Grizzly Bear and Cubs
Grizzly Bears in Snowfall
Grizzly Bear and Cubs on Antelope Flats
Grizzly Bear Behind Ridge
Grizzly Bear Looking Behind Ridge
Moose Cow Protecting Calf
Pronghorn Nursing Fawn
Grizzly Bear in Forest Brush
Moose and Calves Below Mount Moran
Moose and Calves Walking Below Mount Moran
Moose Below Teton Mountains
Mother Goose and Goslings
Grizzly Bear and Cub on Aspen Tree
Grizzly Bear 610 Standing
Grizzly Bears Playing on Snow
Grizzly Bear 610 Fishing
Grizzly Bear 610 at Water Hole
Grizzly Bears on Frozen Oxbow Bend
Grizzly Bears Below Teton Mountains
610 and Cubs Digging in Snow
Grizzly Bear and Cubs Digging in Snow
Grizzly Bear and Cub Walking on Snow
Grizzly Bear and Cubs Foraging
Band of Mountain Goats
Mountain Goat on Snowy Hill
Mountain Lion and Kittens
Mountain Lion and Kittens in Snow
Bighorn Sheep Lamb and Ewe
Whitetail Deer in Snow
Elk Family on Hill
Grizzly Bear 610 Standing in Black and White
Tired Bison Cow and Calf
Grizzly Bear and Cubs in Sagebrush
Grizzly Bear and Cub in Grass
Grizzly Bear and Grazing Cub
Grizzly Bear and Cub Grazing on Grass
Bison Mother and Calf on Antelope Flats
Grizzly 610 and Cub Playing
Grizzly Bear 610 and Cub Playing