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Bull Moose at Oxbow Bend
Bull Moose Standing in Fall Leaves
Bull Moose in Fall Leaves
Bull Moose in Sagebrush
Bull Moose and Calf at Marion Lake
Moose Calf in Marion Lake
Bull Moose and Marion Lake Reflection
Moose Falls in Winter
Bull Moose Below Teton Mountains
Bull Moose in Antelope Flats
Moose and Calf Below Grand Teton
Fall Aspen Leaves in Snow
Bull Moose in Fall Snow
Bull Moose in Foggy Winter Storm
Black Bear Walking Through Grass
Black Bear Crossing Stream
Black Bear Looking Out from Berry Tree
Black Bear Reaching for Hawthorne Berries
Black Bear Surrounded by Fall Leaves
Black Bear in Autumn Leaves
Moose in Oxbow Bend Panorama
Moose in Snow
Bull Moose in Hoarfrost
Moose in Fall Cottonwoods
Bull Moose in Blacktail Ponds
Bull Moose in Sagebrush
Moose in Green River
Moose and Calf
Moose in a Winter Storm
Bull Moose in Sagebrush Flats
Bull Moose Beneath the Grand Teton
Moose on Bike Path