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Bull Moose Standing in Dirt Road
Bull Moose Walking Above Willows
Bull Moose Emerging from Willows
Moose Calf in Front of Willows
Moose Calf in Late Fall Brush
Cow Moose Emerging from Aspen Trees
Bull Moose Below Fall Cottonwood Trees
Bull Moose Standing on River Bank
Bull Moose Reflected in Snake River
Moose Along Gros Ventre River
Moose Drinking in Gros Ventre River
Moose in Golden Sunrise Light
Moose in Front of Fading Fall Aspen Trees
Moose in Sagebrush and Fall Aspens
Moose Near Fading Fall Colors
Moose and Calf Crossing Pond
Moose with Two Calves in Sagebrush
Cowbirds on Horses After Early Snowfall
Mount Moran Above Horses and Snowy Landscape
Horses in Snow Below Mount Moran
Moose Staring into Evergreen Trees
Horse in Golden Backlight
Moose and Calf Crossing River
Moose and Calf on River Bank
Bull Moose Along River Bank
Bull Moose in Cottonwoods
Moose and Calf in Sagebrush
Bull Moose Below Sleeping Indian
Moose and Calf in Gros Ventre River
Cow Moose Eating from Pond
Moose and Calf in Beaver Ponds
Cow Moose in Late Winter Landscape
Two Bull Moose Below Mountains
Moose Browsing Below Sleeping Indian
Sagebrush in Snow
Bull Moose in Early Winter
Bull Moose in Sagebrush Flats
Autumn Aspen Leaves on Moose-Wilson Road
North End of Moose Canyon
Wildflower Meadow in Moose Canyon
Moose Creek Winding Through Moose Canyon
Silhouetted Trees in Moose Canyon
Sun Through Trees in Moose Canyon
White Aster Wildflowers in Moose Canyon
Teton Crest Trail in Moose Canyon
Moose Canyon Along Teton Crest Trail
Silhouetted Trees Above Moose Canyon
Two Bull Moose in Meadow
Rainbow Below Thunderhead Cloud
Moose Canyon and Big Hole Mountains