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Starry Night Sky Above Teton Peaks
Moon Above Sandstone Formation
Teton Peaks at Twilight
Moonlight on Oracle Ridge
Moonlit Night Sky Above Oracle Ridge
Night Sky over Wilderness of Rocks
Camping in the Wilderness of Rocks
Stars Over Mica Mountain
Venus in Moonlit Night Sky
Night Sky Over Fairyland
Fall Colors Under Stars
West Thumb Hot Springs Under Moonlight
Fishing Cone and Yellowstone Lake
Fishing Cone Below Moon
Firehole River at Night
Family at Grand Prismatic Spring
Couple at Grand Prismatic Spring
Moon over Grand Prismatic Spring
Turquoise Pool and Stars
Geyser Eruption at Night
Aurora Borealis over Mountains
Aurora Ribbon over Mountains
Tent Under Trees
Sierra Vista Below Huachuca Mountains
Sierra Vista Below Huachuca Mountains
Moon over Mammoth Hot Springs
Moon over Minerva Terrace
Incoming Winter Storm in Moonlight
Frozen Gros Ventre River Under Moonlight
Gros Ventre River Under Moonlight
Geminid Meteor Over Gros Ventre River
Moon Over Turquoise Lake
Night Sky Over Mammoth Hot Springs
Moonlit Landscape at Mammoth Hot Springs
Northern Lights and Meteor Over Antelope Flats
Night Sky Over the North Fork of Cascade Canyon
Northern Lights Behind the Teton Mountains
Venus and Jupiter Above the Tetons
Night Sky Over the Cove of Caves
Campground Cliff Dwelling of Chaco Culture National Historic Park
Backpacker Resting Under Moonlight
Night Sky over Campground
Night Sky Above Coyote Gulch
Night Sky Above Coyote Gulch
Night Sky Above Coyote Gulch
Tent in Campground Under Stars
Alabama Hills in Eastern California
Moonlight over Mammoth Hot Springs
Hot Springs Under Moonlight
Dead Tree in Terraces