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Full Moon Behind Death Canyon
Full Moon Above Death Canyon
Teton Mountain Reflected in Oxbow Bend
Still Reflection in Oxbow Bend
Moon Above Jenny Lake and Tetons
Moon Above Petrified Wood
Ponderosa Pines Along Lava Hills
Moon Through Pine Trees
Moon and Clouds Above Hudson River
Twilight Sky Above Hudson River
Wind Blowing Along Hudson River
Moon and Stars Above Cottonwood Trees
Crescent Moon and Sunset over Tetons
Earth's Shadow Rising Behind a Full Moon
Autumn Moonrise over Sleeping Indian
Moonrise and Sunset on the Sleeping Indian
Sunset Moonrise over Sleeping Indian
Moonrise Above the Sleeping Indian
Moon Above Sleeping Indian
Moon Perched on Sleeping Indian's Nose
Moon and Milky Way Above Tent
Starry Night Sky Above Teton Peaks
Moon Above Phillips Pass
Moon and Venus Above Southern Tetons
Sun's Corona and Mercury
Eclipse Phases from Full to Totality
Total Solar Eclipse over Jenny Lake
Gros Ventre Mountains Behind Alpine Meadow
Moon Above Sandstone Formation
Moon Above Turret Arch
Moon Through Turret Arch
Tourist at Turret Arch
Balanced Rock and Moon
Juniper Trees and Balanced Rock
Moon Above North Window
Moon Above Sandstone Fins
Moon in Turret Arch
Juniper Tree Below Turret Arch
Moon Through North Window
Juniper Tree Below Moon
Thunderstorms Above Jenny Lake
Teton Peaks at Twilight
Moon over Teton Mountains
Full Moonrise over Desert Grasslands Panorama
Full Moonrise over Desert Grasslands
Moon over Juniper Tree
Tall Ponderosa Pine Trees
Moon Setting Above Desert
Moonlight on Oracle Ridge
Moonlit Night Sky Above Oracle Ridge