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Mound Terrace Pools Abstract
Runoff from Mound Terrace
Thermophile Variances on Mound Terrace
Travertine Pools on Mound Terrace
Water Pooling Below Mound Terrace
Water Trickling Down Travertine at Mound Terrace
Water Arching Around Mound Terrace
Terraces and Pools on Mound Terrace
Water Flows from Mound Terrace
Thermophiles in Water from Mound Terrace
Thermophiles Streaming from Mound Terrace
Thermophiles Lining Flows of Angel Terrace
Small Trees Lining Angel Terrace
Logs Lining Angel Terrace
Water Pouring over Terraces at Angel Terrace
Travertine Burying Branches at Angel Spring
Dead Trees in Angel Terrace
Water Descending from Angel Terrace
White Elephant Back Terrace Rising into Distance
Orange Spring Mound Rising Above Trees
Thermophiles on Orange Spring Mound
Dead Trees at Orange Spring Mound
Travertine Buildup on Orange Spring Mound
Canary Spring Overtaking Trees
Dead Trees Along Canary Spring
Cupid Spring in Decaying Travertine
Water Flowing from Mound Terrace
Cascades Along Mound Terrace
Mound Terrace Travertine Terraces
Mound Terrace Pools and Thermophiles
Pools Below Mound Terrace
Mound Terrace Flowing Downward
Thermophiles Around Minerva Terrace Spring
Terraces Below Mound Terrace
Water Flowing Toward Village
Water Pouring from Minerva Terrace
Water Pouring from Palette Spring
Thermophiles Below Palette Spring
Water Flowing Below Palette Spring
Water Reclaiming Dry Terraces
Dry Terraces Among Active Terraces
Water Flow Abstract on Palette Spring
Thermophiles Coating Palette Spring
Abstract Patterns on Travertine
Waterfall at Cave Entrance
People Leaving Mammoth Cave
Waterfall Pouring Into Light
Waterfall Along Historic Tour
Person at End of Cave Corridor
Cave Passageway with Wavy Ceilings