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Tappan Zee and City Lights
Moon and Clouds Above Hudson River
Twilight Sky Above Hudson River
Lights of Nyack and Piermont
Cormorant Flying Past Rookery
Downtown Piermont at Night
Caspian Tern Ascending Above Bayou
Wingspan on a Caspian Tern
Caspian Tern in Flight
Caspian Tern Diving Toward Bayou
Caspian Tern Soaring Above Water
Diving Caspian Tern
Soaring Caspian Tern
White Ibis in Flight
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron in Flight
Big Dipper Above Tetons and Jackson Hole
Moon and Stars Above Cottonwood Trees
Backlit Grasses on Josie's Ridge Trail
Big Dipper Above Teton Mountains
Twilight Silhouetting the Teton Mountains
Twilight Light on Jackson Peak
Twilight Above the Sleeping Indian
Stormy Weather Clearing Around Jackson Peak
Marina Under Twilight Sky
Pier Extending from Bar Harbor
Main Street in Bar Harbor
Foggy Weather Around the Bass Harbor Head Light
Bass Harbor Head Light in Fog
Front Door of Bass Harbor Head Light
Waves Crashing on Rocky Shore
Bass Harbor Head Light Lighthouse
Bass Harbor Head Light on Rocks
Sunrise Above Hurricane Pass
Starry Night Sky Above Teton Peaks
Mount Moran Beyond Teton Peaks
Grand Teton and Middle Teton at Twilight
Hurricane Pass Below Teton Peaks
Earth's Shadow Above Teton Mountains
Grand Teton and Middle Teton
Grand Teton Above Hiker
Hiker Below the Grand Teton
Table Mountain Above Hurricane Pass
Grand Teton Above the South Fork
Teton Peaks Above the South Fork
Milky Way over Phillips Pass
Taggart Lake Trail in Young Forest
Stormy Sunset over Jackson
Town of Jackson at Twilight
Northern Lights over Bighorn Basin
Steve and Northern Lights