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Bison Swimming Across Lamar River
Bald Eagles in Tree
Bison Herd in Lamar Valley
Rainbow Over Lamar Valley
Bison Calf and Mother
Standing Bison Calf
Young Bull Bison in Sagebrush
Bison Climbing Hill
Golden Eagle in Flight
Golden Eagle Feeding
Pronghorn Does in Sagebrush
Pregnant Pronghorn Doe in Spring Snow
Pronghorn Eyes Panorama
Gray Wolves in the Lamar Valley
Scarface Grizzly Bear Swimming in Lamar River
Scarface Grizzly Bear in Willows
Scarface Grizzly Bear Along Lamar River
Canyon Pack Alpha Male Wolf of 2009
712M Yellowstone Black Wolf
Coyote Hunting in Snow
Hoarfrost on Cottonwood Tree
Coyote and Tracks in Snow
Coyote Following Tracks in Snow
Coyote Walking in Deep Snow
Coyote Searching in Snow
Coyote Hunting in Snow