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Rockland Lake and Hudson River
Stormy Weather Above Canopus Lake
Taggart Lake Icing Over
Snow and Ice on Taggart Lake
Gros Ventre Mountains Above Jackson Hole
The Grand Teton with Fresh Snow
Snowfall Lifting from the Grand Teton
Crescent Moon and Sunset over Tetons
Sunset from the Valley Trail
Valley Trail Descending Into Forest
Jackson Hole Below Valley Trail
Sleeping Indian Above Forest
Big Dipper Above Teton Mountains
Jackson Hole Beyond Taggart Lake Trail
Golden Aspens near Taggart Lake Trail
Taggart Lake Trail in Bare Aspens
Fog Lifting from Teton Mountains
Early Winter Storm over Lake Creek Trail
Phelps Lake and Autumn Colors
Fall Colors Below Death Canyon
Autumn Colors Surrounding Phelps Lake
Rocks in Shallow Water of Phelps Lake
Shallow Waters of Phelps Lake
Clearing Winter Storm Above Phelps Lake
Autumn Colors Reflected in Phelps Lake
Small Rocks Extending into Phelps Lake
Breaking Storm Around Phelps Lake
Wetlands Around Phelps Lake
Rocks in Phelps Lake
Sunlit Rocks in Phelps Lake on a Stormy Day
Phelps Lake Below Moraine
Storm Clearing Above Death Canyon
Snow Storm Engulfing Phelps Lake
Snow Storm on Phelps Lake
Lake Creek Trail in Autumn Meadow
Rocky Section of Lake Creek Trail
Autumn Ground Brush on Lake Creek Trail
Schoolroom Glacier Below South Teton
Upper South Fork of Cascade Canyon
Teton Peaks Above Schoolroom Glacier
Sunset Lake Above the Alaska Basin
Teton Crest Trail Passing Sunset Lake
Marion Lake Below Peaks
Cliffs Above Marion Lake
Lupine and Cow Parsnip Above Marion Lake
Wildflowers Above Marion Lake
Lupine Wildflowers Near Marion Lake
Teton Crest Trail Passing Marion Lake
Peaks Above Marion Lake
Trees and Bushes Lining Marion Lake