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Waterpocket Fold Above Highway 24
Juniper Trees on Hillside
Shrubs and Trees Below Mountains
Cohab Canyon Behind Sandstone Wall
Pectol's Pyramid and Waterpocket Fold
Juniper and Pectol's Pyramid
Boulder Mountain Above Landscape
Petrified Wood and Junipers
Petrified Wood and Dead Juniper
Juniper Trees on Mesa
Large Rock and Juniper Tree
Juniper Trunk and Lichen on Rocks
El Calderon Rim Trail
Cinder Cones Beyond Trail
Grassy Field Along Zuni-Acoma Trail
Pine Trees Above Lava Rocks
Large Juniper and Pine Trees
Zuni-Acoma Trail Winding over Hill
Lava Rocks Below Forest
Cactus Along Zuni-Acoma Trail
Zuni-Acoma Trail Along Hillside
Junipers Around Lava Rocks
Large Juniper on Lava Rocks
Snow and Junipers on Slickrock
Sunset Behind Frozen Juniper Tree
Junipers and Snow Along Geologic Uplift
Winter Storm Clearing from La Sal Mountains
Small Canyon in Park Avenue
Frost and Ice on Juniper Tree
Cleaing Winter Storm
Fog Clearing Off of Buttes
Dead Juniper Below Fogbow
Snowy Wash Below Sandstone Buttes
Clearing Fog from Park Avenue Trail
Melting Snow on the Park Avenue Trail
Snow in Park Avenue Trail Wash
Sunlight Breaking Through a Winter Fog
Butte Rising Out of Winter Fog
Fog Surrounding the Park Avenue Trail
Junipers Below Sandstone Wall in Fog
Dead Juniper in Winter Fog
Moody Fog Lighting on Park Avenue Trail
Juniper Trees Below Fog and Butte
Park Avenue Trail in Snow and Fog
Butte Receding into Fog
Frost and Ice on Juniper Branch
Juniper Below Fog and Buttes
Juniper Tree Below Fog and Buttes
Dead Juniper Tree in Fog and Snow
Ice Crystals on Juniper Trees