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Wilderness Boundary on Hurricane Pass
Alpine Tundra on Hurricane Pass
Grand Teton Silhouetted at Sunrise
Sunrise Above Hurricane Pass
Dawn over the South Fork of Cascade Canyon
Alpine Tundra in Scree
Teton Crest Trail Above South Fork
Backpacking on Hurricane Pass
Three Tetons and Milky Way Galaxy
Moon and Milky Way Above Tent
Starry Night Sky Above Teton Peaks
Night Sky Above Grand and Middle Tetons
Mount Moran Beyond Teton Peaks
Grand Teton and Middle Teton at Twilight
Hurricane Pass Below Teton Peaks
Earth's Shadow Behind Grand and Middle Tetons
Earth's Shadow Above Teton Mountains
Grand Teton and Middle Teton
Grand Teton Above Hiker
Hiker Below the Grand Teton
Table Mountain Above Hurricane Pass
Hiker Ascending Hurricane Pass Below Tetons
Grand Teton Above the South Fork
Teton Peaks Above the South Fork
Sunset Lake Above the Alaska Basin
Creek in Alpine Wildflowers
Teton Crest Trail Passing Sunset Lake
Jedediah Smith Wilderness Sign
Death Canyon Shelf Above Death Canyon
Teton Crest Trail Above Death Canyon
Fox Creek Pass Yielding to Death Canyon Shelf
Alpine Wildflowers on Fox Creek Pass
Cow Parsnip Above Fox Creek Canyon
Cathedral Group Beyond Fox Creek Pass
Grand Teton Above Cow Parsnip
Sign Marking Fox Creek Pass
North End of Moose Canyon
Wildflower Meadow in Moose Canyon
Moose Creek Winding Through Moose Canyon
Silhouetted Trees in Moose Canyon
Sun Through Trees in Moose Canyon
White Aster Wildflowers in Moose Canyon
Teton Crest Trail in Moose Canyon
Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers in Moose Canyon
Moose Canyon Along Teton Crest Trail
Silhouetted Trees Above Moose Canyon
Lupine Wildflowers in Meadow
Teton Peaks Surrounding Phillips Pass
Clouds Above Phillips Pass
North of Phillips Pass