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Ice Veins on Rock
Icicles on House Exterior
Buttermilk Falls Frozen in Winter
Piermont Pier Remnants in Ice
Icy Waters Along Piermont Pier
Dobbs Ferry Across Icy Hudson River
Hudson River Frozen Along Marsh
Tunnel and Icicles
Icicles Hanging in Tunnel
Trees Growing from Frozen Pond
Winter Pond Below Bare Trees
Fallen Tree in Icy Pond
Tree Shadows on Taggart Lake
First Light on Mount Moran
Winter Sunrise at Oxbow Bend
Mount Moran Reflected in Icy Waters
Earth's Shadow Above Oxbow Bend
Winter Morning at Oxbow Bend
Icy Reflections in Oxbow Bend
Mount Moran Above Winter Oxbow Bend
Mount Moran Above Icy Oxbow Bend
Foundry Office in Summer
West Point Foundry Office
Viceroy Butterfly on Stem
Highway 9D Bridge Above Waterfall
Pelton Pond Frozen Over
Ice on Pelton Pond
Evergreens Around Pelton Pond
Winter Hiking Path
Tracks in Snow
Ice Flowing from Trees
Bare Trees in Ice
Frozen Wetlands
Frost and Ice on Juniper Tree
Icy Waterpocket in Wash
Icy Juniper Tree Below Butte
Frost and Ice on Juniper Branch
Sunlight Breaking Through Fog
Light Breaking Through Fog
Icicles Below Fog and Buttes
Icicles Hanging from Ledge
Ice Crystals on Juniper Trees
Ice Crystals on Juniper Branches
Gros Ventre River Flowing Below Jackson Peak
Icy Waters of the Gros Ventre River
Ice Along Gros Ventre River
Icy River Bank Below Jackson Peak
Icy Island in the Gros Ventre River
Taggart Lake Icing Over
Snow and Ice on Taggart Lake