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Red Fox Sneaking through Brush
Red Fox with Mouse
Mule Deer in Wildflowers
Mule Deer Browsing
Beavers Eating
Beavers Eating Willow Branches
Grizzly Bears in Snowfall
Grizzly Bear 760 Along River
Grizzly Bear Along River
Grizzly Bear Along Buffalo Fork
Grizzly Bear on River Shore
Grizzly Bear in Spring Snow Melt
Hungry Red Fox
Black Bear Reaching for Berries
Concerned Black Bear in a Tree
Pika Carrying Grass
Black Bear Chewing Vegetation
Bison Head in Snowy Weather
610 and Cubs Digging in Snow
Grizzly Bear and Cubs Digging in Snow
Grizzly Bear and Cubs Foraging
Black Bear Balancing on Fence
Black Bear Standing on Fence
Black Bear Eating Berries
Black Bear Searching for Berries
Mule Deer Fawn Eating
Beaver Eating on Aspen Branch
Grizzly Bear 399 Nursing Cubs
Scarface Grizzly Bear Swimming in Lamar River
Scarface Grizzly Bear in Willows
Scarface Grizzly Bear Along Lamar River
Black Bear Looking Out from Berry Tree
Black Bear Reaching for Hawthorne Berries
Black Bear Cub Eating Berries
Black Bear Cub Standing
Bighorn Sheep Head in Snow
Bighorn Sheep Lamb in Snowfall
Grizzly Bear 399 and Three Cubs
Bear 399 and Three Cubs
Grizzly Bear and Cubs on Snow
Bear 399 and Cubs Crossing Frozen Creek
Grizzly Bear 399 on Ice
Grizzly Bear 399 and Cubs
Grizzly Bear 399 Along Snake River
Grizzly Bear and Cub
Grizzly Bear and Cubs