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Cottonwood Trunk in Canyon
Chimney Rock Canyon
Colored Rock in Canyon
Pines in Chimney Rock Canyon
Chimney Rock Canyon Beyond Trail
Sandstone Rims Above Calf Creek
Clouds over Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail
Volcanic Rock Along Trail
Canyons Along Sleeping Rainbows
Trail Rising Through Junipers
Steps Against Cliff
Buttes and Walls Above Bright Angel
Vegetation Along Bright Angel Trail
Bright Angel Trail Against Canyon Walls
Bright Angel Trail Steps
Limestone Wall Above Bright Angel
Switchbacks Along Bright Angel Trail
Bright Angel Trail Switchbacks
Butte Above Bright Angel Trail
Morning Over Bright Angel Trail
Kolb Studio Above Bright Angel Trail
Bright Angel Trail in Evening
Painted Desert Inn Above Badlands
Rain Showers over Painted Desert Inn
Hiker Descending Toward Painted Desert
Trail Descending from Kachina Point
El Calderon Rim Trail
Cinder Cones Beyond Trail
Grassy Field Along Zuni-Acoma Trail
Zuni-Acoma Trail Winding over Hill
Cactus Along Zuni-Acoma Trail
Zuni-Acoma Trail Along Hillside
Family on the Scenic Overlook Trail
Resting Bison Along Trail
Scenic Overlook Trail in Winter
Mud Puddle Along Trail
Flint and Limestone on Hilltop
Hikers on Scenic Overlook Trail
Icicles Hanging in Tunnel
Water Draining from Tunnel
Birch Trees Along Hiking Trail
Dunderberg Spiral Railway Ruins
Hiking Trail in Winter Forest
Appalachian Trail in Winter Forest
Evergreens Along the Appalachian Trail
Snowshoe Trail Below Grand Teton
Bridle Path in Autumn Colors
Bright Meadow Beyond Forested Trail
Autumn Leaves Along Bridle Path