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Siphon Draw Trail Below Superstition Mountains
Hiker Looking Up to Wilson Mountain
Hiker on Wilson Mountain Trail
Snowshoer Overlooking Taggart Lake in Winter
Snowshoer Looking Toward Teton Mountains in Snow
Taggart Lake Loop Trail Descending Toward Tetons
Two Ocean Lake Trail on Southern End
Snow Showers Falling over Cascade Canyon
Old Ponderosas Rising Above the Arizona Trail
Fall Aspens in Recovering Forest Fire Burn Area
Young Autumn Aspens Lining Arizona Trail
Fall Aspen Trees on Hillside
Fall Leaves on Aspen Trees Along Arizona Trail
Young Autumn Aspen Trees Along Arizona Trail
Arizona Trail Ascending Through Fall Aspens
Fall Aspens Along Arizona Trail
Fall Aspens on Hillside in Burn Area
Burned Pine Tree Trunks Above Fall Aspens
Autumn Aspen Trees in Burned Forest
Arizona Trail Winding Through Pines and Aspens
Fall Aspen Trees in Ponderosa Pine Forest
Golden Aspens Below Ponderosa Pines
Young Fall Aspen Trees Along Trail
Arizona Trail Winding Through Ponderosas
Autumn Aspens Growing on Hillside
Arizona Trail Nearing Burn Area
New Pine Growth Below Older Pines
Hiking Bridge Crossing String Lake
Hiker Admiring Teton Mountains
Teton Mountains Beyond Hiker in Meadow
Hiker Overlooking Jackson Hole
Hiker in Snowy Forest
Hiker Pausing in Meadow on Heart Lake Trail
Hiker in Meadow on Heart Lake Trail
Heart Lake Trail in Evergreen Forest
Valley Trail Below Grand Teton in Smoke
Hiking Trail Heading into Gros Ventre Mountains
Trail Descending Toward Jackson Hole
Cache Creek Trail Lined with Fireweed
Josie's Ridge Trail Above Jackson Hole
Snow King Beyond Crystal Butte Trail
Storm Clouds Above Josie's Ridge Trail
Trail Descending Toward Jackson
Crystal Butte Trail Along Ridgeline
Bighorn Sheep Along Trail
Trail Descending Toward Cache Creek
Wildflowers Along Crystal Butte Trail
Crystal Butte Trail Ascending Hill
Snow King Beyond Trail
Jackson Below Crystal Butte Trail