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El Calderon Rim Trail
Cinder Cones Beyond Trail
Grassy Field Along Zuni-Acoma Trail
Zuni-Acoma Trail Winding over Hill
Cactus Along Zuni-Acoma Trail
Zuni-Acoma Trail Along Hillside
Icicles Hanging in Tunnel
Water Draining from Tunnel
Birch Trees Along Hiking Trail
Dunderberg Spiral Railway Ruins
Hiking Trail in Winter Forest
Appalachian Trail in Winter Forest
Evergreens Along the Appalachian Trail
Snowshoe Trail Below Grand Teton
Bridle Path in Autumn Colors
Bright Meadow Beyond Forested Trail
Autumn Leaves Along Bridle Path
Bridle Path Below Fall Leaves
Fall Colors and Evergreens
Hiking Trail Passing Golden Leaves
Fall Colors Along Hiking Trail
Hiking Trail in Fall Trees
Fall Trees Arching Over Trail
Fall Forest Above High Tor Trail
Autumn Leaves Above High Tor Trail
Trail Below Fall Leaves
High Tor Trail in Autumn Trees
High Tor Trail in Fall Leaves
Long Path in Autumn Colors
High Tor Trail Winding Through Trees
Hiking Trail in Fall Leaves
Long Path Below Fall Colors
Logs Along Trail Under Fall Leaves
Fall Leaves Above Trail
Long Path in Fall Leaves
Hiking Trail in Fall Leaves
Autumn Trees Arching Above Trail
Autumn Leaves on Main Trail
Yellow Fall Leaves on Trail
Golden Leaves on Trail
Autumn Leaves on Walkway
Fall Color on Hiking Trail
Early Fall Leaves Above Trail
Hiking Trail in Turning Forest
Autumn Colors Surrounding Trail
Heart from Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves Around Trail
Bike Path Through Trees
Sun Through Trees