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Hiking Trail in Fall Leaves
Autumn Trees Arching Above Trail
Autumn Leaves on Main Trail
Yellow Fall Leaves on Trail
Golden Leaves on Trail
Autumn Leaves on Walkway
Fall Color on Hiking Trail
Early Fall Leaves Above Trail
Hiking Trail in Turning Forest
Autumn Colors Surrounding Trail
Heart from Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves Around Trail
Bike Path Through Trees
Sun Through Trees
Bridge Crossing Creek
People at Upper Kaaterskill Falls
Maple Tree Along Walkway
Trees Above Battle Road Trail
Fall Leaves Over Walkway
Hiking Trail in Ferns and Fall Leaves
Fog Above Hiking Trail
Hiker Below Early Autumn Trees
Bike Path Below Arching Trees
Hiking Trail Bending Through Fall Leaves
Early Autumn Leaves Around Ruins
Long Path on Palisades
Sun Through Trees
Fog Around Driveway Ruins
Fog on the Bridle Path
Tree Bending Over Trail
Hiker on Bridle Path Footbridge
Bridle Path Passing Evergreen Farm
Trail Passing Evergreen Farm
Puddle on Recreation Trail
Fog on Hiking Trail
Sycamores Along Trail
Hiking Trail Below Arching Trees
Old Dam Ruins
Steps Along Hiking Trail
Hiker on Hiking Steps
Hiker Below Birch Trees
Hiking Trail Illuminated Below Trees
Hiker Climbing Rocky Steps
Hiker on Footbridge
Trees Arching Above Footbridge
Green Tree Canopy over Trail
Grasses Along Wide Gravel Trail
Hiker in Forested Trail
Trail in Summer Forest
Arching Trees Above Trail