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Waterfall Trail Paved Section
Petroglyphs Below Mountain
Petroglyph Wall Below Peak
Phoenix Beyond Waterfall Trail
Cholla Cactus in Warm Light
Saguaros Rising Above Landscape
Mesquite Trail Below Peaks
Saguaros Above Waddell Trail
Willow Canyon Wash
Cholla Cactus Along Mesquite Trail
Cacti Along Mesquite Trail
Saguaro Cacti Beyond Cholla
Superstition Cliffs Above Saguaros
Superstition Cliffs Above Flattening Landscape
Superstition Cliffs Above Saguaros
Arizona Trail in Golden Light
Sycamore Reservoir and Sabino Canyon
Arizona Trail in Santa Catalinas
Trail in Lower Santa Catalina Mountains
Arizona Trail Sign in Desert Mountains
Arizona Trail Passing Yucca Stalk
Lower Santa Catalina Mountains
Yucca and AZT Sign Along Trail
Evening Light on Santa Catalinas
Upper Sabino Canyon
Arizona Trail on Oracle Ridge
Oracle Ridge Above Surrounding Desert
Desert Grasses on Oracle Ridge
Burned Tree Trunks on Oracle Ridge
Manzanita Along Arizona Trail
Frozen Fish Creek Below Falls
Fish Creek and Falls in Winter
Fish Creek Below Footbridge
Hiker Admiring Fish Creek Falls
Fish Creek Falls Trail
Wildflowers Along Mormon Row Trail
Crowd Observing Grand Prismatic Spring
Whispy Clouds over Lower Geyser Basin
Harlequin Lake Trail in Young Trees
Cottonwood Trunk in Canyon
Chimney Rock Canyon
Colored Rock in Canyon
Pines in Chimney Rock Canyon
Chimney Rock Canyon Beyond Trail
Sandstone Rims Above Calf Creek
Clouds over Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail
Volcanic Rock Along Trail
Canyons Along Sleeping Rainbows
Trail Rising Through Junipers
Steps Against Cliff