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Backpacker in Lithodendron Wash
Hiker Descending Toward Painted Desert
Family on the Scenic Overlook Trail
Flint and Limestone on Hilltop
Hikers on Scenic Overlook Trail
Hiker Standing at Mouth of Tunnel
Hiker at Overlook on Bear Mountain
Hiker Below Early Autumn Trees
Hiker on Bridle Path Footbridge
Hiker Relaxing by Waterfall
Hiker on Hiking Steps
Hiker Below Birch Trees
Hiker Climbing Rocky Steps
Hiker on Footbridge
Hiker in Forested Trail
Hiker Admiring Clove Creek
Hiker Ascending East Mountain Loop
Hiker on School Mountain Road Trail
Hiker at Old Driveway Ruins
Hiker on Creek Crossing
Grand Teton Above Hiker
Hiker Below the Grand Teton
Hiker Ascending Hurricane Pass Below Tetons
Hiker Near Table Mountain
Hiker Below Tetons on Bradley Lake Trail
Hiker in Aspens on Taggart Lake Trail
Backpacker Admiring Cascade Canyon
Hiker on Sleeping Indian Summit
Hiker Below Sleeping Indian Summit
Hikers Descending Sleeping Indian
Hiker in Shady Grove Along Trail
Hiker Enjoying Rapids of Granite Creek
Hiker Standing Near Footbridge
Hiker Watching Waterfall from Bridge
Hiker in Large Alpine Meadow
Hiker Standing Above Phillips Pass
Hiker Overlooking Valley from Tetons
Hiker Looking Up at Aspen Trees
Hiker Admiring Aspen Tree Grove
Hiker in Meadow Along Phillips Pass Trail
Hiker Looking over Southern Tetons
Hiker Near Phillips Pass
Hiker on Snow-Covered Phillips Pass
Hiker on Phillips Pass Trail
Hiker on Taggart Lake Trail
Female Hiker on Taggart Lake Trail
Tourist at Turret Arch
Hiker in North Window