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Geologic Layers of Waterpocket Fold
Henry Mountains Beyond Waterpocket Fold
Waterpocket Fold Above Highway 24
Highway 24 Below Waterpocket Fold
Sandstone Spires Above Landscape
Wingate Spires Above Landscape
Waterpocket Fold Layers
Calf Creek Below Stormy Weather
Sandstone Rims Above Calf Creek
Clouds over Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail
Storm Clouds Over Calf Creek
Storm Clouds Over Highway 12
Highway 12 Below Rain Showers
Rain Showers Over Highway 12
Highway 12 and Canyons of the Escalante
Highway 12 in Sandstone Dunes
Sunrise over Highway 12
Highway 12 Overlook
Car Traveling Highway 23A
Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial Statue
Draw Bridge Along Highway 127
Highway 9D Bridge Above Waterfall
Highway 9D Above Waterfall
Highway 9D Bridge Above Waterfall
Foundry Brook Below Bridge
Bridge Above Waterfall
Highway 9D Through Winter Forest
Highway 89 in Winter Storm
Stormy Weather Clearing Around Jackson Peak
Highway 1 Leaving Downtown
Highway 1 in Downtown
Bird Mural on Building
Highway 22 and Jackson Below Josie's Ridge
Josie's Ridge Trail Above Jackson
Mount Glory Above Black Canyon Trail
Mount Glory Above Highway 22
Highway 22 Below Gros Ventre Mountains
Stormy Weather Above Highway 22
Stormy Sunset over Highway 22
Highway 89 in Jackson Hole
Car Driving Through Fire Burn
Jackson Below Teton Mountains
Jackson Below Teton Mountains
Lake Mary Road Below Arizona Trail
Lake Mary Road Below Arizona Trail
Mountains Above Highway 87
Town of Strawberry, Arizona
Mountains Above Highway 87
Mazatzal Mountains Above Highway 87
Roosevelt Lake Below High Desert