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Bull Moose Below Sleeping Indian
Gros Ventre Road Covered in Snow
Elk Herd Below Sleeping Indian
Bull Elk Below Mount Leidy
Sunset Clouds Above Sleeping Indian
Bull Elk Standing in Open Flats
Bull Elk in Sagebrush Flats
Bull Elk Against Fog
Wildflowers Along Mormon Row Trail
Moose and Calf in Gros Ventre River
Ducks in Flat Creek
Ducks in Fog and Flat Creek
Fog Clearing from Sleeping Indian
Stormy Sunset over Sheep Mountain
Moose Browsing Below Sleeping Indian
Jackson Homes Below Sleeping Indian
Jackson in Winter Below Snow King
East Jackson Below Lifting Winter Fog
Frosted Trees Below Fog
Gros Ventre River Flowing Below Jackson Peak
Icy Waters of the Gros Ventre River
Ice Along Gros Ventre River
Icy River Bank Below Jackson Peak
Icy Island in the Gros Ventre River
Broken Sunrise Light on Blacktail Butte
Foggy Landscape Below Sleeping Indian
Gros Ventre Mountains Above Jackson Hole
Last Light on the Sleeping Indian
Sunset from the Valley Trail
Jackson Hole Below Valley Trail
Sleeping Indian Above Forest
Jackson Below Josie's Ridge at Sunset
Southern Jackson Hole Below Josie's Ridge
Josie's Ridge Trail in Aspen Trees
Backlit Grasses on Josie's Ridge Trail
Jackson Hole Beyond Taggart Lake Trail
Clearing Storms from the Sleeping Indian
Twilight Light on Jackson Peak
Twilight Above the Sleeping Indian
Earth's Shadow Rising Behind a Full Moon
Autumn Moonrise over Sleeping Indian
Moonrise and Sunset on the Sleeping Indian
Sunset Moonrise over Sleeping Indian
Moonrise Above the Sleeping Indian
Moon Above Sleeping Indian
Moon Perched on Sleeping Indian's Nose
Stormy Weather Clearing Around Jackson Peak
Autumn Colors in Rural Jackson Hole
Sunrise over Phillips Pass
Wildflowers near Phillips Pass