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Clouds Over Point Sublime
Sunlight on the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Silhouetted Tree Against Cliff
Steps Against Cliff
Buttes and Walls Above Bright Angel
Vegetation Along Bright Angel Trail
Bright Angel Trail Against Canyon Walls
Bright Angel Trail Steps
Limestone Wall Above Bright Angel
Switchbacks Along Bright Angel Trail
Bright Angel Trail Switchbacks
Butte Above Bright Angel Trail
Trees Lining Side Canyon
Trees Above Grand Canyon
Morning Over Bright Angel Trail
People at Mather Point Overlook
Vegetation Below Grand Canyon Rim
Rock Layers Descending into Canyon
Trees Below Rim Trail
Grand Canyon Colors
Colorful Clouds Above Grand Canyon
Canyon Ridges at Sunrise
Early Morning Above the Grand Canyon
Cloudy Sunrise Beyond Ridges
Kolb Studio Above Bright Angel Trail
Bright Angel Trail in Evening
Storms over Marble Canyon
Storms over Northern Arizona
Spruce Trees on East Rim Viewpoint
Stormy Weather over East Rim Viewpoint
Rainbow over East Rim Viewpoint
Aspen Grove in Snow Storm
Winter Weather in Evergreen Forest
Snow on Spruce Tree
Snow on Spruce Tree Trunks
Supai Tunnel
North Kaibab Trail Above Canyon
North Kaibab Trail Switchbacks
Trail Leading to Supai Tunnel
Distant Hikers on North Kaibab Trail
Hikers on North Kaibab Trail
Hikers Dwarfed on North Kaibab Trail
Hikers Near Bridge on North Kaibab Trail
Steep Canyon Cliffs
Western Redbud and Cottonwoods
Western Redbud
Redwall Limestone
Rocky Section of North Kaibab Trail
Rocky Redwall Limestone Cliffs
North Kaibab Trail Ascending Rocky Cliffs