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Canada Goose and Goslings in Grass
Canada Goose Below Fall Colors
Canada Geese at Pond
Gaggle of Goslings at Pelton Pond
Bison in Valley
Grizzly Bear at Oxbow Bend
Grizzly Bear 610 on Icy Shore
Grizzly Bears on Frozen Oxbow Bend
Grizzly Bears Along Oxbow Bend
Grizzly Bears Along Icy Waters
Grizzly Cub and Canada Geese
Grizzly Bears on Ice
Grizzly Bears Below Mount Moran
Grizzly Bears and Mount Moran
Grizzly Bears Playing on Oxbow Bend
Grizzly Cub Below Mount Moran
Grizzly Bear on Ice
Grizzly Bear on Icy Oxbow Bend
Grizzly 610 and Two Cubs
Grizzly Bear Playing with Birds
Coyote Chasing Geese