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Ducks in Flat Creek
Ducks in Fog and Flat Creek
Stormy Sunset over Sheep Mountain
Jackson in Winter Below Snow King
Jackson and Flat Creek Below Hillside
Stormy Sunset over Jackson
Town of Jackson at Twilight
Rain Showers Passing Over the National Elk Refuge
Dynamic Lighting in Storm Clouds
Golden Light Above Jackson and Snow King
Storms over Teton Mountains and Snow King
Snow King Summit Trail Under Storms
Storm Clouds over Flat Creek
Jackson Hole Below Snow King and Rain Showers
Rainbow Over Flat Creek
Swans and Cygnets in Flat Creek
Little Horsethief Fire Above Jackson, Wyoming
Barrow's Goldeneye in Water
Otter Along Flat Creek
Sun Dog Over the National Elk Refuge
Otter on Ice
Otter Walking on Ice
Two Otters on Open Snow
Otter Along Flat Creek
Mallard Duck Swimming
Trumpeter Swan Swimming
Otter Along Flat Creek
Trumpeter Swan with Wings Stretched
Trumpeter Swan Cygnet
Trumpeter Swans Swimming Under Full Moon
Overlooking Jackson, Wyoming
Balsamroot Wildflowers on Snow King
Jackson in Hoarfrost