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Moulton Barn in Front of Storm
Blacktail Ponds at Sunrise
Ducks in Flat Creek
Ducks in Fog and Flat Creek
Stormy Sunset over Sheep Mountain
Calf Creek Below Stormy Weather
Sandstone Rims Above Calf Creek
Clouds over Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail
Storm Clouds Over Calf Creek
Buttermilk Falls Frozen in Winter
Cascading Falls over Rocky Hillside
Crum Creek Rushing Through Forest
Fall Reflections in Crum Creek
Autumn Leaves over Crum Creek
Fall Colors Above Crum Creek Waterfall
Crum Creek Waterfall in Autumn Colors
Crum Creek Flowing Through Fall Leaves
Fall Leaves Along Waterfall
Crum Creek in Fall Forest
Waterfall Pouring over Rocks
Waterfall Pouring over Rocks
Fall Leaves Surrounding Creek
Fall Leaves Surrounding Creek
Small Creek in Autumn Forest
Small Creek in Autumn Forest
Autumn Leaves Along Creek
Autumn Leaves Along Creek
Fall Leaves Along Creek
Fall Leaves Along Creek
Autumn Colors Around Creek
Creek in Fall Forest
Autumn Leaves Around Small Creek
Small Drainage Pond in Fall Leaves
Kaaterskill Falls and Autumn Colors
Upper Kaaterskill Falls
People at Upper Kaaterskill Falls
Kaaterskill Falls from Lookout
Spruce Creek Below Autumn Colors
Spruce Creek Pouring over Rocks
Spruce Creek in Fall Forest
Changing Fall Tree Above Creek
Crum Creek Falling over Ruins
Sunbeams over Waterfall
Crum Creek Below Ruins
Rock Ledge over Crum Creek
Waterfall and Ruins Below Fog
Waterfall Below Fog
Crum Creek Descending Into Fog
Waterfall and Fog
Crum Creek Waterfall Below Fog