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Sunrise Light on Grand Canyon
Yavapai Point Sunrise
Waterfalls Pouring from Ledge
Geologic Abstract
Snow Melt Waterfall
Snow Melt Waterfall
Burr Trail in Strike Valley
Sandstone Canyon at Twilight
Geologic Upthrust
Bare Cottonwoods Below Cliffs
Night Sky Above Green River
Snow Along Green River
Green River Sunset
East and West Mittens Silhouette
Colorado River Below Canyons
Hoodoos Above River
Winter Camp Wash
Storm Clouds over Desert Canyon
North Window and Junipers
Desert Buttes and Rocks
Thunderstorms Over Sandstone Mesas
Fog over Little Colorado River Gorge
Grapevines Along Havasu Creek
Havasu Creek Side Channel
Havasu Falls and Pool
Prickly Pear Cactus
Havasu Falls and Pools
Havasu Falls
Cascading Pools
Golden Aspen Trees
Fall Aspen Leaves on Trail
Snowy Trees Above Fall Colors
Fall Aspen Trees
Mule Deer Buck
Bright Angel Trail in Fog
Storms Over Grand Canyon
Rain Showers over Grand Canyon
Bright Angel Trail and Indian Gardens
Stormy Weather over Grand Canyon
Storm Clouds over the Grand Canyon
Book Cliffs and Arches Aerial
Canyonlands Aerial
Aerial View of the Needles District
Arch in the Needles District
Druid Arch Aerial
Chocolate Drops of the Maze District
Maze District Aerial
Green River Aerial
Canyonlands Beyond Moses and Zeus