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Horse Walking Through Snow
Horse with Winter Coat in Snow
Mount Moran Behind Fog
Fog and Cottonwood Trees
Lone Bison in Frost
Ice Crystals in Sundog
Ice Along Gros Ventre River
Grand Teton Above Icy River
Silhouetted Moose
Moose Below Sleeping Indian
Bald Eagle Landing in Tree
Gros Ventre River Freezing Over
Teton Mountains at Dawn
Moose and Calf in Blizzard
Animal Tracks and Teton Mountains
Bison in Snow Storm
Bison in Antelope Flats in Winter
Jackson Hole Winter Sunset
Sunset on Teton Mountains
Elk Trio on Ridgeline
Bison Walking Through Snow
Bison Cow and Calf in Snow
Bison Below Teton Mountains
Buffalo Herd on Antelope Flats
Blacktail Butte Under Snow
Cattails in Snow
Frozen Taggart Lake
Service Building Below Snowy Mountains
Snow Clinging to Tree Trunk
Hiker in Red Canyon
Hiker in Red Canyon
Gros Ventre River in Winter
Gros Ventre River in Winter Snow Storm
Winter Cottonwood Trees
Winter Storm over Teton Mountains
Freezing Gros Ventre River
Elk Along River
Overbrowsed Willows in Ice
Twilight over Teton Mountains
Snowfall over Jackson Hole
Lake Creek in Golden Light
Boulders in Phelps Lake
Grand Teton in Snow
Mount Moran Above Jackson Lake
Mount Moran and Jackson Lake
Snow Above Surprise Lake
Surprise Lake and Snow
Hiker on Peek-a-Boo Loop
Hiker on Peek-a-Boo Loop
Hiker on Peek-a-Boo Loop