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Storms over Tetons and Snake River
Rain Shower over Snake River Sunrise
Stormy Sunrise over Tetons and Snake River
Teton Mountains Above Jackson Hole
Storms Over Snake River
Rain Showers Over Jackson Lake
Clouds Over Point Sublime
Moulton Barn Below Rain Showers
Clouds Above Tetons and Snake River Overlook
Sunlight on the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Sunlight Breaking Through to Tetons
Bison Herd Below Snow and Teton Mountains
Grizzlies Foraging Below Teton Mountains
Blondie Grizzly Bear with Cubs
Grizzly Cubs Standing Below Tetons
Grizzly and Cubs Below Grand Teton
Stormy Sunset over Sheep Mountain
Cow Elk Below Snowy Teton Mountains
Geologic Layers of Waterpocket Fold
Henry Mountains Beyond Waterpocket Fold
Waterpocket Fold Above Highway 24
Highway 24 Below Waterpocket Fold
Chimney Rock Canyon Beyond Trail
Calf Creek Below Stormy Weather
Sandstone Rims Above Calf Creek
Clouds over Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail
Storm Clouds Over Calf Creek
Storm Clouds Over Highway 12
Highway 12 Below Rain Showers
Rain Showers Over Highway 12
Highway 12 and Canyons of the Escalante
Highway 12 in Sandstone Dunes
Sunrise over Highway 12
Highway 12 Overlook
Passing Clouds Above Badlands
Clouds Passing Above Badlands
Painted Desert Wilderness Area
Lithodendron Wash Below Rain Showers
Rain Showers over Painted Desert
Storm Clouds Above Lithodendron Wash
Petrified Wood Below Storm Clouds
Painted Desert in Golden Light
Lithodendron Wash Below Storm Clouds
Weather Passing Above Painted Desert
Hudson River Winding Through Hills
Hudson River Below Dunderberg Mountain
Bare Trees Above Hudson River
Hiker at Overlook on Bear Mountain
Feathery Clouds Above Teton Mountains
Buck Mountain and Static Peak in Winter Clouds