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Ducks in Fog and Flat Creek
Osprey Building Nest
Canada Goose and Goslings in Grass
Elk Herd Running Below Raven
Downy Woodpecker Flying in Grasses
Downy Woodpecker in Marsh Grasses
Grebes Below Teton Mountains
Bald Eagle Flying Over Jackson Lake
Canada Goose Below Fall Colors
Great Blue Heron Below Grasses
Great Blue Heron Hiding
Great Blue Heron in Grasses
Great Blue Heron Flying Along Rocks
Great Blue Heron on Pond Shore
Great Blue Heron Against Marsh
Cormorant Rookery on Pier Logs
Small Rookery of Cormorants
Cormorant Flying Past Rookery
Rookery of Cormorants on Logs
Cormorant on Log
Great Blue Heron in Wetlands
Great Blue Heron in Hudson River
Great Blue Heron and Tappan Zee Bridge
Great Blue Heron Standing in Stream
Great Blue Heron in Stream
Canada Geese at Pond
Great Blue Heron in Large Pond
Double-Crested Cormorant on Pier Pilings
Great Blue Heron in Sparkill Creek
Mallard Ducks on Mongaup Pond
Gaggle of Goslings at Pelton Pond
Perched Red-Winged Blackbird
Caspian Tern Ascending Above Bayou
Wingspan on a Caspian Tern
Caspian Tern in Flight
Caspian Tern Diving Toward Bayou
Caspian Tern Soaring Above Water
Diving Caspian Tern
Soaring Caspian Tern
Common Gallinule in Marsh
Tricolored Heron in Water
Green Heron in Flight
Flying Green Heron
White Ibis in Grasses
Snowy Egret in Water
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron in Marsh
White Ibis in Flight
Immature White Ibis
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron in Flight
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron