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Rocky Hiking Trail on Bear Mountain
Green Leaf with Fall Leaves
Fall Colors Abstract
Pine Needles Below Fall Colors
Fall Trees Above Hiking Trail
Fall Color Forest on Bear Mountain
Autumn Forest on Bear Mountain
Hudson River Behind Autumn Trees
Autumn Colors Around Rock Slab
Red Fall Leaves along Hiking Trail
Bear Mountain Loop in Fall Leaves
Red Leaves Below Fading Fall Leaves
Forest of Fall Leaves
Peekskill from Bear Mountain
Hudson River from Lookout Tower
Red Fall Leaves on Bear Mountain
Autumn Red Maple Tree
Autumn Forest Below Bear Mountain
Red Ground Leaves and Boulders
Hudson River Behind Fall Leaves
Fall in Hudson Valley
Rock Slab Below Fall Forest
Red Fall Leaves Around Tree
Fall Leaves Along Bear Mountain Loop
Bear Mountain Loop Trail in Fall
Rock Slabs Along Bear Mountain Loop
Lichen-Covered Boulder and Fall Leaves
Red and Yellow Fall Leaves
Tree Trunks Against Fall Leaves
Fall Leaves Above Ground Brush
Golden Fall Leaves in Forest
Boulders and Fall Leaves