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Red Fox on the Prowl
Red Fox Looking Back
Red Fox in Snow
Bull Elk on Hill
Red Fox Looking Up
Red Fox Listening
Red Fox Hunting in Snow
Red Fox Listening Through Snow
Hungry Red Fox
Walking Polar Bear
Family of River Otters
Family of River Otters
Red Fox Looking Up
Grizzly Bears in Wildflowers
Grizzly 399 and Cubs in Wildflowers
Blue Grouse Showing Mating Display
Mule Deer Doe in Snow
Mountain Goat on Snowy Hill
Coyote Pair in Snow
Bison with Snowy Face
Prairie Dogs Near Hole
Bighorn Sheep Walking Into Gully
Two Pronghorn Does Looking Back
Coyote Standing in Sagebrush
Alert Red Fox in Meadow
Red Fox Looking at Ground
Red Fox Looking at Ground
Red Fox Standing in Meadow
Red Fox on the Hunt
712M Yellowstone Black Wolf