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Petrified Logs Straddling Badlands Hills
Petrified Wood in Blue Mesa
Eroded Hoodoos Balancing Rocks
Agate Bridge Above Desert
Petrified Logs in Jasper Forest
Petrified Wood Abstract
Grasses in Clay Drainage
Petrified Wood in Jasper Forest
Badlands Descending to Sandy Flats
Badlands in Jasper Forest
Jasper Forest Overlook
Petrified Tree on Hillside
Petrified Wood in Badlands Hills
Large Chunks of Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood Pieces in Wash
Petrified Tree Trunk in Wash
Petrified Wood and Conglomerate
Petrified Trees Broken in Wash
Petrified Wood in Wash
Badlands Hills Above Desert Plants
Badlands Hills Below Blue Sky
Sagebrush on Badlands
Erosion on Badlands
Badlands Below Blue Sky
Kiva Ruins at Puerco Pueblo
Puerco Pueblo Structures
Eroded Rooms at Puerco Pueblo
Ruins at Puerco Pueblo
Eroded Walls at Puerco Pueblo
Coyote Buttes Under Sky
Cloudy Skies and Coyote Buttes
Car Traveling House Rock Valley Road
Car on House Rock Valley Road
Coyote Buttes Layered Sandstone
Orange Globe Mallow in Grasses
Northern Arizona Sandstone Hills
Arizona Trail Descending Last Miles
Collared Lizard Resting on Rock
Collared Lizard on Rock
Arizona Trail Near Coyote Buttes
Blooming Cactus Flower
Arizona Trail Near Northern Terminus
Coconino Rim Sunrise
Sunrise on Forest Trees
Warm Light on Tree Trunks
Coconino Rim Sunrise
Dawn on the Coconino Rim
Coconino Rim Sunrise
Dawn on the Coconino Rim
Exploding Meteor over Coconino Rim