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South Kaibab Trail Above Colorado River
Colorado River Below South Kaibab Trail
Trail Descending Toward Inner Gorge
South Kaibab Trail Below Cliffs
Yucca Stalks in Grand Canyon
Hills Below Mogollon Rim
Cottonwood Trees Along Verde River
Verde River Below Storm Clouds
Rocky Green Hills
Rolling Hills and Clouds
Clouds Passing Over Large Canyon
Stormy Weather Above Northern Hills
Burned Trees Among Regrowth
Clouds Lifting Above Desert Wilderness
Lifting Fog from Rugged Peaks
Dirt Road Nearing Wilderness
High Desert Forest on Rocky Hillsides
Rocky Peaks Above High Desert Hills
High Desert Wooded Mountains
Arizona Trail in Wooded Canyon
Arizona Trail Sign Near Midway
Grassy Meadow Below Rocky Hill
Phoenix Suburbs Beyond Desert Hills
Flatiron Beyond Oak Forest
Rocky Hills in Golden Light
Morning Clouds Above Browns Peak
Tonto Basin Below Mountains
High Desert Forest Below Browns Peak
Browns Peak Above Burned Forest
Roosevelt Lake Between Mountains
Superstitions Beyond Rocky Ridge
Drainage Flowing Toward Roosevelt Lake
Rocky Ridge Above Roosevelt Lake
Mountains Surrounding Lake
High Desert Foothills Rolling Toward Lake
Roosevelt Lake Below Sierra Anchas
Roosevelt Lake Beyond Drainage
Tonto Basin Beyond High Desert Mountains
Ponderosa Pines Rising into the Sky
East Side of the Four Peaks
Vulture Above Roosevelt Lake
Ponderosa Pine Above Desert Foothills
Expansive Desert Landscape
Tonto Basin Below Mountains
Sprawling Desert Foothills Around Lake
Badlands Beyond Roosevelt Lake
Roosevelt Lake Beyond High Desert Hills
Roosevelt Lake Beyond Mountains
Dirt Road Above Roosevelt Lake